At an early age I understood that my destiny and mission in life was to SERVE. Having one-on-one contact with others is something that fulfills me in a very profound way.


With a background in Preschool Education, Psychology and Social Work, I had the wonderful but difficult opportunity to finish a master’s degree in social work with a specialty in mental health. My greatest accomplishment so far has been obtaining a Clinical License in the United States!

I have worked as a therapist for different entities and families, youth and adults in challenging jobs such as removing children at risk of abuse or neglect and putting them in the hands of the state.

This was the path that prepared me to become independent and start a new professional stage in my private practice. With stronger clinical skills and after working long years for a non-profit organization and for the state; I heard my inner voice and launched! It has been another of my greatest satisfactions.

I have led a group of young people and women where my best contribution has been to provide therapeutic tools that help these individuals to “heal so that they can later manifest the most desired things in their lives”.

I have felt the call to constant growth on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Likewise, my deep desire to endure my battles in the best possible way created my own destiny, a destiny with true purpose!

It has not been an easy journey. However, facing different challenges has led me to be a complete and more perfect person with my imperfections. Interested in expanding knowledge, I have been incorporating an eclectic model with some spiritual foundations.

“I am a being in constant change and development, a woman, daughter, wife and mother, a woman of faith, who believes in the power and love of God.

A woman who without imposing her spiritual beliefs invites others to use her own beliefs to support her personal development. I am a woman who faced thousands of stumbles before finding full meaning in life.”

I understand that not all of us find our mission spontaneously and naturally. I have worked for many years, one by one with people from different cultures and countries who have expressed to me their need to find meaning in their lives, their helplessness in not knowing what their passion is in life, or their fear of not knowning how to start a project.

By connecting with these people, I discover that there is no human being without a special talent or gift! This is where, with firmness, I can accompany you in your process of finding your inner power and your most precious treasure.

These same patients and human beings who have allowed me to work with them have led me to leave my comfort zone, to leave my clinical office, and to share in other ways what has worked for my patients to get ahead. Psychological tools, as well as personal and integral development strategies.

I am excited to share this “Called to Find Your Mission” course with a series of content and clinical tools, as well as personal/spiritual strategies where you can start to heal and manifest. This course will teach you how to launch projects you may have left behind in order to please others or because you have not let go of constant fears that are in your life.

If you dare to live a life with more purpose and opportunities, you can transform your vision into a mission. Go ahead, sign up for this wonderful course!

This course is designed to help you increase your knowledge on how to identify your passion, that could become your mission, what motivates you, and how to apply your true vocation. Also, it is focused on some tips on how to examine projects that you have had in mind, and how to put those projects in motion and in to concrete actions.

Si tu deseo es vivir una vida con propósito y de oportunidades, aquí podrás transformar tu visión en una misión de vida!