03 May 2020

Vitamin to my soul! Spending time with my baby, he is Unique, Kind, Warm and Cozy! All of my patients want to be with him, to feel peace and to trust. He gives them a sense of calmness and assurance. Facing my fears! I was extremely afraid of dogs, and this little one helped me to reduce my fear. Baby steps may mean a larger dog in the future. What counts is the gradual exposure to face my fears, to shift my mindset and to use my rationality to understand that dogs are not dangerous. In fact, they are the most loving creatures.

Bentley has been a tool of change for all of our family members, and he has created a sense of unity as well. Today, I am challenging all of you moms and dads that at some point had refused to have a dog as a pet to just give it a try. You will not regret your decision once you receive all of the love and kindness from them. Thank you, Bentley!