I define a coach as a companion, observer or coach of your development process. When I went to college, it prepared me to be a mental health psychotherapist. What was not in my plans was that in addition to providing support to people with mental health conditions, one day I would define myself as a spiritual coach or trainer.
Inside me something moved and impelled me to talk about spiritual life and what it means for each person. This is how I have found thousands of answers which anticipate how each human being sees the world, and none of these answers are wrong, only some differ from the others.
For example, for some their spiritual life is based on being in contact with nature, with the universe, with the philosophy of the monks of India, etc. Each of us develops an “abstract sense of life” that in fact this process begins in adolescence.
In my role as a spiritual coach, I took into consideration the premises of all these people and motivated them to use their spiritual life as a support for their growth, to become more curious and explore this area as a tool for their well-being.