Month: May 2020


Just beautiful what I found during my morning walk. This reminded me that home is everything. It is a place where we should feel safe and loved. No matter what we've been going through, home means supporting each other, accepting circumstances, changes, challenges, and adapting. Home means unity, perfection in our imperfections. Home means friends, [...]
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When we talk about Music Therapy, we are talking about the combination of music, therapy, integrated with psychology. So, what is Psychology? The answer is, it’s a science in charge of understanding human behaviors. When we think about therapy, it makes a reference to all of the tools that we use to help increase or [...]
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Vitamin to my soul! Spending time with my baby, he is Unique, Kind, Warm and Cozy! All of my patients want to be with him, to feel peace and to trust. He gives them a sense of calmness and assurance. Facing my fears! I was extremely afraid of dogs, and this little one helped me [...]
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